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The ISA Logo and Our Values


The lion face reflects the African culture; it also has a symbolic meaning of wisdom, power and royalty. ISA aims to build wisdom and power in its young learners.


The shield represents the power of knowledge and how it gives protection if used well. The sharp edges of the armor represent strength and stability; ISA will guide their students in attaining knowledge and provide for its students the stability to learn to use it wisely.


The pen is a symbol of education and intelligence. It is used to represent the power of knowledge and how it can be used: as a tool for peace or a weapon for war. ISA strives to teach students to be productive and compassionate members of society by developing awareness and the mindset of a positive global citizen.

A Message from the Head of School

Mr. James Anderson

On behalf of the International School of Africa, I would like to extend a warm welcome from Djibouti. ISA is an international PK-12 school offering quality education to international families, and tailored to the culture and community of Djibouti. We are a group of educators, parents, students and community members that are partnering to create a pioneering learning environment for those we serve.

ISA began operation in 2016, with a small group of families desiring an excellent international school. Sahara Global Education is committed to seeing that goal as a reality in Djibouti. The school sits in a growing area of the city, on a purpose-built campus. It is designed with state-of-the-art equipment, WiFi throughout the campus, a science lab, library, cafeterias, and sports field.

The international staff is from around the world, experienced in working with students from diverse backgrounds and languages. ISA’s program is based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards; it is taught from a 21st Century Learner perspective, and focuses on creating life-long learners. As a school community, we value communication and collaboration in our pursuit of solving problems. Our staff model active listening and intellectual curiosity, as well as teaching effective study habits and basic skills. Our goal is to produce global citizens that are both moral and ethical in their attitudes and behavior.

I encourage you to learn more about ISA by reading through this website. We also invite you to come by the school for a visit and see if ISA is a learning place you would like to join.

Until then,
James Anderson
ISA Head of School

ISA Staff

ISA Staff is composed of licensed, English speaking educators from around the world. Teachers are experienced in working with English Language Learners whose past educational experiences may not have utilized English. Our program is based on the US Common Core State Standards and prepares students for university study in a Western-style program

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Board of Advisors

As an international school, ISA is honored to have an experienced Board of Advisors (BOA) to advise and guide us in our growth and development. Four times each year, the Board of Advisors come to the school and meet with the Leadership Team, staff and families. These men are experienced international educators that invest their time and combined knowledge to help ISA develop its Strategic Plan. They confer on matters that relate to designing programs that support the vision and mission of the school, as well as analysis of data gathered for future planning and development.

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Campus & Facilities

ISA is located in the Nagad area of Djibouti, adjacent to the Italian Military Base. The campus itself offers a purpose built school, combined with shaded areas for families to visit, green fields for football/soccer, and finally 2 cafeterias to serve students healthy meals each day. Every classroom is equipped with the latest technologies, including computer access with WiFi capabilities. ISA also has its own full time nurse to care for students.

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Health & Safety at ISA

ISA considers the health and safety of our staff and families of the highest importance. Our security and health procedures work to ensure that our community is safe and secure while on campus.

  • ISA employs a full time security staff to patrol the school site during school and off hours.
  • All visitors to the ISA campus are required to sign in with security before entry onto campus. Security provides Visitor Badges to all campus visitors.
  • Parents, drivers and/or guardians are registered and approved prior to pick up of students from campus.
  • ISA employs a full time licensed nurse to attend to non-emergency needs of students and staff while at school. She will also dispense medications, at the approval of parents/guardians, to students while at school.
  • ISA requires all families to submit a Student Health Form as part of the Admissions Process when students enroll in school. We ask that parents/guardians update this form yearly, to maintain current health information on file at the school.
  • ISA Staff are trained yearly in health and safety methods that are necessary to care for any special needs of students on campus or bus transport.
  • Emergency Drills are practiced with staff and students each semester. Clear Policy and Procedures are written and communicated to outline practices that will be followed in the event of an emergency during school hours.

ISA Child Protection Policy

International schools have a moral as well as legal duty to safeguard the welfare of our students, as well as those children using our facilities or involved with our programs and activities. ISA has clear policy and procedures concerning child abuse and protection. The school’s Child Abuse Policy outlines steps to minimize the threat of child abuse in our school and to respond promptly and effectively should abuse be observed, suspected, or disclosed.


The School, City, and the School Community

The International School of Africa (ISA) was established in 2015 with the desire to become the international school of choice for East Africa. ISA was founded by Sahara Global Education to meet a growing demand for an international English-curriculum education in Djibouti. With a 5% growth rate for the last two decades, Djibouti has attracted investors, companies, non-governmental organizations and military bases. Unfortunately, during the early days of growth, there was no accredited English-curriculum school with a high quality program available to families moving to Djibouti. As a result, Sahara Global Education purchased extensive property around Djibouti and launched a building project for ISA facilities in 2016; this project helped to fulfil the Djiboutian authorities’ 2035 Vision. In addition, it has facilitated the settlement of English speaking families in Djibouti.

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