Introduction (LWIS Network)
The LWIS Network
  • Learner’s World International School (LWIS) Hazmieh, Baabda, Lebanon
  • LWIS-City International School (LWIS-CiS)-Down Town Beirut, Lebanon
  • LWIS-Adma International School (LWIS-AiS)-Adma, Keserwan, Lebanon
  • LWIS-Universal School of Lebanon (LWIS-USL)-Koura, North Lebanon
  • LWIS-Valley International School (LWIS-ViS)-Brumana, Metn, Lebanon
  • Philadelphia Private School (PPS)-Qusais, Dubai, UAE
  • Al Afkar International School (AiS)-Jeddah, KSA
  • Khaled International Schools (KiS)-Riyadh, KSA
  • International School of Africa (ISA)- Djibouti, East Africa (September 2016)

LWIS-CiS Lebanon, LWIS-AiS Lebanon and LWIS-USL Lebanon are accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC). PPS-Dubai is a candidate for NEASC accreditation and is accredited by AdvancED. AiS-Jeddah and KiS-Riyadh are accredited by AdvancED.

The schools in Lebanon have consistently had outstanding success rates on the Lebanese official exams. Furthermore, all of the learners in and out of Lebanon have been admitted to some of the most prestigious universities in Lebanon, the Arab world and the world at large through impressive scores on international standardized exams such as the American SATs and the TOEFL.


ISA Djibouti is the newest member of the Learner’s World International Schools (LWIS) Network that is managed by School Development Consultants (SDC) (Open September 2016). For more information on SDC, please visit: