Character Education

Character Building and Leadership Skills

Character Ed
ISA will adopt the holistic approach to education from the LWIS Network of schools, which emphasizes the development of the whole child. In order to meet the evolving needs of the 21st century, educating our children should include academic development in addition to cognitive, personal and social as well as moral and artistic development. A distinguishing feature within the ISA curriculum will be the development of leadership skills through the character-building program enriched with other co-and extracurricular activities. ISA students will develop independence, problem solving skills, effective listening and communication skills, and the ability to be team players. Furthermore, the ISA programs will emphasize critical thinking and good research habits that in turn will encourage our students to become life-long learners and leaders within their fields and society at large.


ISA Djibouti is the newest member of the Learner’s World International Schools (LWIS) Network that is managed by School Development Consultants (SDC) (Open September 2016). For more information on SDC, please visit: